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Improving the performance of people.


In thinking about your business…


provide you with answers?  


Why Should You Read This?


If your business is exactly on the track that you desire…don’t bother.

Otherwise, take a few minutes of your valuable time. It will be worthwhile!

The LR Snover Co  can assist you and your people in identifying and solving sales, marketing, organizational development and training problems.

We are Problem Solvers. We don’t just tell you what’s wrong.

Together, we change or fix it from a positive viewpoint.


Why? Because we are successful at what we do and we are cost effective.

 That is why anyone buys anything – value and price.


What Can Reading Further Do for You?


We look at what you are doing now with a positive point of view.

Sometimes companies and their management have business tools, product features and other similar resources that have been forgotten, overlooked or abandoned.

We can assist in re energizing your operation.


We believe a company’s greatest resource is its people. 

And, often they are not well trained.

Oops! Yes, we said the “T” word. At times businesses and organizations have shunned training: “Too subjective,” “Not cost effective.”, “Can’t be quantified as to results for next year’s budget”, “Takes time from personnel getting the job done”, these have long been thoughts and comments. We’ll defer to General Schwartzkopf for direction as it relates to training.

Question:         “General…what was the main difference in the excellent performance of American troops who were not battle-wise or hardened, and were often operating very technical specialized equipment in very dangerous situations?”


What did that do to make them successful? Training…good down-to-earth training made up for inexperience and gave them the bona fide confidence and security of knowing what had to be done and how to do it when the going got tough. Certainly, there are similarities to doing business in these times!


What training must provide, we believe, is specific usable real world methods and techniques that can be applied by each individual personality in their work environment. That’s substance! The motivation then becomes increased personal success through the changes training provides. Motivation without usable methods for improvement is hype. Most self training is successful with only a few.


What we do is effective because it first takes into account, very realistically, the attitudes, personalities, background and work environment of those to be trained. What do we use to do that? The fact that we’ve been there ourselves…in the shoes of those who we train and their managers. We talk with and listen to your people…all of them.


What we have is the edge in developing a successful program for you. We have done professionally, what we teach successfully, for over 25 years. 

Experience and credibility are important!

What you will have is a program that will make the difference in the success of your greatest asset – your people – and therefore the success of you and your company.


Who are we and who do we work for? The LR Snover Co's President and a cadre of professional associates have successfully:

·        Sold products and services, retail & wholesale sectors

·        Managed sales and marketing departments

·        General Managed Dealerships

·        Initiated, Designed, Developed and Managed Special Projects, i.e., National Sales and Management Training and Vehicle Testing Programs

               and professionally functioned as a:

·        Zone Operations Manager

·        Regional Manager

·        National Director of Sales and Management Training

·        National Senior Director of Marketing Services

·        Speaker, Presenter, Facilitator

·        Corporate Troubleshooter, Retail Operations

·        Training/Business Consultant
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Who do we work for?

We can work for you! But first, you have to tell us about your problem or situation.


We’ve successfully solved problems, designed and implemented programs, and made presentations for small businesses, dealerships, major and niche companies in the automotive and truck industry plus municipal government.

We don’t make a practice of publicizing who they are.  It seems to us that each client should maintain their signature on the program and certainly never share with the competition that they had assistance.

Who do we work with? Who do you need or want us to work with – wholesale, retail, customer personnel, your personnel, you? Tell us who…we’ll find a way.


Where Do You Need or Want Us?

Where is the Problem? Perhaps that is the question you want to ask us.  Identifying Where, Why and How a problems exists, is the first step and often it’s not easy.  We can provide assistance.

Where in your organization should effort be applied?  And, where geographically are services available?  The answer to the first question is where it will be most effective and we’ll assist in deciding that.  Geographically where?  Any place!  Boardroom to the trenches with the troops.  Three-piece suit to sweater and jeans.  A professional environment and attitude is our only requirement. Any place in North America or Europe.


When? Do It Now!


When things get tough is not the best time.  Nothing is impossible! Just more difficult, time consuming and costly…perhaps.  We firmly believe that there is always a position of strength available.  It probably is just more difficult to find. When can we start assisting you toward greater success and profits with more competent people and satisfied customers?  Today could be the first day of a new life – a problem solved – a training, sales or marketing program…in place, that works.

Maybe it isn’t in the business plan/budget now.  When is your budget planning time?  No matter!  Now is when to talk to us so that what you decide is in the next budget.


How Do We Do It?


With straightforward logic, common sense, proven business principles, creative thinking, successful training methods, initiative, professionalism, hard work…and oh yes, a most important factor – a sense of humor.  All of the above, in no particular order.  However, they are needed to get the job done for you!


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How do you find out more while expending little time and money?

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