LR Snover Co.




Improving the performance of people.

  • Product training
  • Customer Satisfaction Initiatives and Training
  • Four Module Employee and Management Training Package
  • Personal Profile Instruments
  • Train the Trainer - Recruitment, Supervison
  • Facilitating and Training of Management and Employee Teams...Experiential Learning
  • Customer Sensitive Sales Training
  • Professional Selling Techniques and Training
  • New Product Introduction...Launch
  • Organization - Development, Evaluation, Problem Solving


We are sales, marketing, organizational development and training experts in these areas:
Product, Professional Management and Sales - Techniques and Processes, Customer Service - Satisfaction.        

Plus, we can assist you with marketing, corporate communications, public relations, presentations and special projects design and management. What do you need?

How do we price our services?  How much does a program cost? 
How do I budget/pay for this?  Right now this can’t be answered. 
We, together, must decide what you need. 
We’re not gigantic (lots of people and overhead), except in our interest in your program or project. 
We’re not cheap.  The best never is. 
Talk to us…it could cost less than you think !
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