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Larry Snover has been a major contributor to the automotive and automotive-related industries for over twenty five years.  Ultimately, he has successfully been a part of every aspect of dealership  operations {management; sales, service, parts} wholesale activities, training and operating standards.  This wide variety of experiences makes him a sought after manager, consultant, trainer and facilitator when professional managing and selling make a difference in the bottom line.


While beginning with nameplates such as Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi, the list has grown to include many companies such as Acura, Cadillac, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz,
SAAB and Volvo.  In addition, he has provided management, organizational development facilitation/training nationally; plus, professional sales and product knowledge training and marketing for luxury, economy and high performance automobiles and medium and heavy duty commercial truck and truck body manufacturers, such as International Truck & Engine Corp. and Morgan Corp.


Mr. Snover has successfully performed as a professional salesperson, general sales manager and general manager with an excellent record of significant contributions to a dealership's sales objectives and bottom line.


He has become an expert in "real world" {understanding technology...simply} product training that any sales person can use to create value and the facilitation of and training of employee and management teams in organizational development intervention - ODI programs.    As a professional trainer/facilitator, Larry has been complimented time and time again by attendees for the success they have attained after his efforts.  “There is no doubt I am much better now than before your training” they say in survey after survey. Obviously, this would not be the case without sensitivity to people and their individual needs and already available skills.


For some, “stand-up” skills must be acquired and constantly monitored.  Larry seems to have done this from birth.  This, combined with nearly three decades of observing businesses struggle with financial and management issues, makes him a consummate counselor and problem solver.


It has not been all work and no play.  Mr. Snover has qualified for national and international competition drivers’ licenses, has become a driving instructor for many associations including the SCCA, the Ferrari and Porsche Clubs, and he has worked with the International Motor Sports Association. This has given him additional credibility particularly in the product training of today's high tech automobile features.

Curriculum development, presentation and program administration for sales, product and management training has always been a prominent part of Mr. Snover’s activities.  Creating, staffing and managing new model introductions and on-track training programs have been enormously successful for Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen.


Mr. Snover is devoted to assisting retail and wholesale organizations in multiplying their effectiveness and profits through the peak performance of individuals and teams at all levels.  These successful endeavors have provided a demand for Larry’s skills across North America and Canada.

"We"...the LR Snover Co. has resources that span the entire United States.  

Who are our resources to staff a project or initiative? We have a cadre of seasoned professionals available…a Who’s Who in all of the "SERVICES" capabilities
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